Go-Weld Welder’s Kit Bag

Go-Weld Welder’s Kit Bag


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Our welding professionals designed the Welders Supply Kit Bag to meet all your welding needs with one BAG. We’ve loaded all the tools you need for welding in one bag so that you can take to the job site and be ready to weld. There is no need to travel to different welding supplies shops and buy all the tools yourself. We handpicked these tools and used in our six welding schools in United States before we start to sell to the public.


  • Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  • Safety Glasses
  • 14” Mig Welding Gloves
  • 10” Black Nickel Wrench
  • Mig Pliers
  • Cutting/Grinding Shield with 2 lens (Dark Green and Clear)
  • Striker with single flint
  • 25’ Tape Measure
  • Welding Hood Bag
  • Work Gloves
  • Scratch Wire Brush
  • Soapstone Holder
  • Tip Cleaner
  • Pocket Welding Guide Book

The welders supply kits are well tested and works!

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